We are Home again

September 2nd, 2022

We are HOME again!! Thanks for all your prayers!!
Mur and I have been in “a waiting room” a good part of the last 10 months. It wasn’t always easy to rejoice in the waiting room, as I mentioned in a previous update, but every once in a while we experienced the “sun of hope” burst into the room. At times it was the smile on Mur’s face. Other times it was a loving note, card or call that brightened our day. One young nurse brightened Mur’s day when she said to Mur, “I wish I had more patients like you. I would gladly work with them all day long.”
One special time was when the elders of our church came to our home to pray and anoint us as per James 5. Sometimes the conversation with a nurse or assistant lingered and the opportunity opened to share about our relationship with Jesus and the hope we have from Him. Even though the time to share is brief because of the shortness of staff in hospitals these days, we have had the joy of praying with three workers as they decided to trust in Jesus and left tracts and books with others.
The last return to the hospital has given us a little better understanding of what has been causing Mur’s difficulty breathing. After going through the cycle of being released, rehab and returning to the hospital and again getting ready to be released without the promise of a better outcome, we decided to go home and sign up with Hospice. The roller-coaster experience has made it difficult to report on how she was doing at any particular time because it changed so often. Now we need your continued prayer as we go through this next part of her marathon journey.