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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope. (Romans 15:13) 

As mentioned in recent visits we are doing a devotional study of Romans 14:1-15:13. We will answer a few questions with material from this section of Romans. First, What do we learn about God the Father? 
Paul points out in 15:6, that God is the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. He adds in 14:17 that God has a kingdom that is not primarily concerned with physical needs like eating and drinking. Rather, it’s about spiritual issues: righteousness, peace and joy. In 14:2 Paul points out God accepts every believer, whether they are weak or strong, new to the faith or old, weathered saints or innocent babes. Christians are a work of God according to 14:20
Whether weak or strong verse 4 says that God is able to make us stand, no matter what we might be facing. He does this by giving endurance and encouragement to believers so they might live together in unity, verse 15:5. 
We need to remember there is coming a day when we, as those who belong to Him, will stand before the judgment seat of God to give an accounting of our lives. All of these works of God in our lives and circumstances are the result of God’s mercy, Romans 15:9. 
Understanding and experiencing these workings of God in our lives engenders hope. Hope to get through our present circumstance, and hope concerning our eternal destiny. God is the God of hope according to 15:13.
It’s good to remember what Paul says about God the Father. Never forget He has done and given all that is necessary for us to live a full, responsible and fruitful life.

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