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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Before we proceed with our study of 2nd Timothy let me share a little more on the picture that came into my mind as I reflected on the contents of the book. As I mentioned in my last visit, I gave the focus the title, “Passing the Baton in the Relay Race of Life.”  

Thinking further on this picture I thought it would be better to think in terms of Paul and Timothy running with other team members a series of relay races. Paul would be the front-runner, the one who sets the pace for the others to follow. He would pass the baton to Timothy at the appointed time, and Timothy would pass it on to someone else at the appointed time. 
Paul is coming to the end of his life. He has run the big race of life well, often taking the initiative to run the first lap of each individual race well, setting the pace for Timothy and others to take the baton and run their laps well. Paul knows he will not be able to take the lead lap of any other relay races. He wants Timothy to realize he would now need to take responsibility for running the first lap, setting the pace for others to follow, as he passed them the baton. 
The instructions in this book give inspiration and guidance for this roll in pushing forth and out in spreading the message of Jesus Christ to the whole world. He knew there would be opposition and obstacles both within the church and from the unbelieving world they were trying to reach. There would be a price to pay, but it would be worth it all when we come to the end of our race as Paul did, a reward the Lord, the righteous judge will give on that final day. 
How is the race going for you?

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