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Friday, August 01, 2008

Paul maintained perspective in his life and ministry as we saw in Romans 15 in our last visit. He also found a way to maintain discipline to do what God wanted him to do. 

He did this by establishing a purpose statement: to take the Gospel where Christ was not known. Have you established a purpose statement for your life? Mine is to equip and encourage others to be and do all God intended for them. 
Building on this purpose statement Paul shared some goals. His top goal was to preach where Christ was not known. Reminding himself of this goal helped him maintain discipline in fulfilling his calling, vs 20-22. He also helped new Christians grow, so they could advance God’s kingdom. That’s why he wrote the book of Romans, verses 14-16. Paul also was committed to see the Body of Christ function as it should, Christians working in harmony and mutual support, verse 27. 
Then, with his purpose statement and these goals in mind he established some measurable objectives. 
     1. Write a letter to quip believers to do the work of ministry, vs 14-15. 
     2. Saturate an area with the Gospel before reaching new areas, v 19.
     3. When done with this objective, he set his sights on Spain, vs 23-24. 
     4. Reach Spain by planting a church there. 
     5. Deliver an offering to Jerusalem, vs 25-26. 
     6. Be delivered from danger in Judea, v 31. 
     7. Visit Rome and get assistance from this church to go to Spain, v 24. 
After each of these objectives was reached, Paul could check it off his list. As objectives were completed he would fulfill his goals and purpose. Working this process enabled him to maintain discipline. Following his example could help you too.

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