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Monday, October 30, 2023

In our last visit we considered the differences in a relationship from when a couple first starts meeting together until they get married.  

Using this spectrum of a developing relationship as a backdrop I often ask people where they would place themselves if I asked them two questions: “Do you have a relationship with Jesus Christ?” And, “Which place on the spectrum of a developing relationship best describes where you are in your relationship with Jesus Christ?”  

If their answer to the first question is “No,” then a good follow up question would be, “Would you like to have a relationship with Jesus Christ?”  If they say “Yes,” or “I don’t know,” I ask if it would be okay with them if I explained to them Who Jesus Christ is?  If they agree, I have the opportunity to share the good news about Jesus Christ as found in the Bible.  If their answer to the first question is “Yes,” then I would ask them, “Would you say that your relationship with Jesus Christ is best described as dating Him, dating Him seriously, being engaged, or being married?”  

There is no wrong answer and most people feel free to give an approximate response.  Though their answer might not be an accurate description it usually gives them and you an idea of where they are regarding their relationship with Jesus Christ.  If they say they are married, I presume they have come to the place where they have invited Jesus Christ into their hearts and surrendered themselves to Him.  But to be sure I ask them when and where that took place.  This helps me to further clarify.  More on this in our next visit. 


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