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Friday, June 30, 2023

The first reference to experiential knowledge is found in the opening verse of 2nd Peter.  Peter identifies himself as a servant, or more correctly, a slave of Jesus Christ.  In addition, he is an apostle or sent one, operating under authority and orders.  

He enjoyed an abundant life in his relationship with Jesus Christ and wanted those he was addressing to realize they too have received a faith as precious as his.  Being a Jew, writing to Jew and Gentile believers, he emphasizes the impartiality of God in dispensing salvation to all who believe.  Verse two indicates he wanted these believers to experience God’s grace and peace abundantly in their hearts.  

How would this happen?  “Through the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord.”  The word “knowledge” here is a full, clear and precise knowledge.  You can study all about God’s grace and peace, but until you know experientially Jesus Christ as your Lord you will not enjoy God’s grace and peace in abundance.  

There has been a significant emphasis on God’s grace in recent years.  I’m delighted with this, but I wonder if the teaching is often detached from Peter’s emphasis that grace flows out of a genuine experiential heart knowledge of Jesus Christ as our Lord.  Such experiential heart knowledge involves understanding who Jesus Christ is, surrendering to His lordship over your life and obeying Him in all you do as an expression of your love devotion to Him.  This is essential to experiencing His abundant grace and peace. 


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