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Pastor Lud Golz
Pastor Lud Golz

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Thursday, June 22, 2023

Let’s take a little more time to reflect on the phrase in Psalm 23:6, “all the days of my life.”  The Psalm begins with the affirmation that when the Lord is my shepherd “I shall not be in want.”  That implies, all the days of my life.  

When I am stressed, He will make me lie down in green pastures.  When I am weary, He will lead me beside still waters.  When I am inwardly drained dry, He will restore my soul.  When I am tempted to do what comes naturally, go astray by going my own way, He will guide me back into paths of righteousness.  When I get preoccupied with self and become proud, looking out for my own interests, He will work in my life to remind me that I’m to live for His name’s sake. 

When my world falls apart and I feel like I’m going through a deep, dark valley He makes His presence known to me so that I need not fear.  He might even use His rod and staff to keep me in line.  He does this to comfort me by letting me know He is interested in my welfare.

When I’m oppressed by enemies who are threatening me He is preparing a banquet for me to enjoy and be nourished.  When I feel unworthy, He anoints my head with oil.  He pours so much on that my cup overflows and my life begins to bless others.   

When the road before me seems so long and hard He pursues me with His love, mercy and goodness.  And to my amazement He works in me to will and to do His good pleasure so I might be a blessing to all those around me and following me.  And in case you forgot what I started – He does this “all the days of my life!”  Isn’t He great? 


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