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Friday, May 26, 2023

In a recent series of studies we reflected on what Isaiah described as an “Oak of righteousness.”  I hope that series of studies was beneficial to you.  Today I would like to share with you some thoughts about the ultimate “Oak of Righteousness.”   

That’s right, I want to share with you some thoughts about Jesus Christ, based on John 13.  In doing this study I will use what I call the fore “S” study approach: spread, sort, structure and summarize.  

When I spread out before me the details of what this chapter tells us about Jesus I saw Him as the Servant Leader.  I also saw Him as finishing well.  By that I mean, He finished not only His personal assignment well, but in doing so He imparted to His disciples what would stand them in good stead after He departed for heaven.   

After you spread out the material before you take time to start sorting it.  There are a number of words that capture the essence of what is said about Jesus in this chapter: love, know and example.  These are insight words that help us understand what is said about Jesus as a Servant Leader who finished well.   

Sorting the material is the first step toward structuring the information into an outline.  The title I gave to the outline is, How the Servant Leader Finished Well.  Then I developed three points under the title:  

1. As a leader Jesus was love driven.   

2. He was knowledge directed.   

3. He was a devoted discipler.   

Under each of these main points you need to further organize the material you find dealing with each point.  


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