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Monday, May 08, 2023

At times all of us sense a need for something more in our walk with God.  When that happens one of the things some of us think of is fasting.   

I recently had a conversation with a new believer in Christ.  He shared that he was having some difficulties in his business.  He had heard about fasting and thought that if he fasted, God might help him.  He decided that he would not eat or drink coffee for a day. 

By mid-day he was feeling a headache coming on.  Since he had an important appointment that afternoon he thought a cup of coffee might help ease the headache.  Later, hunger pangs started.  He felt that since he already had failed in his fast he would have some food.  By the time he talked with me a few days later he was confused and convinced that God was disappointed in him.  How could he expect God to come through for him when he couldn’t keep his fast?  

I had read that morning Isaiah 58 where the prophet talks about fasting.  I shared what God is looking for when you fast.  God is concerned about our heart attitude.  The fact that my friend wanted to fast in order to receive God’s blessing would delight God’s heart.  He wants us to seek Him more than anything else.   

Jesus taught that when you fast do it in secret.  Why?  Because your heart is deceitful.  Fasting might lead to pride. Wash your face and present yourself in public as though you are in your normal routine.  That way you guard yourself from fasting in order to be seen and praised by man.   

God sees what you do in secret and is pleased when you do it for Him alone. 


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