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Monday, December 07, 2020

Rufus, chosen in the Lord.  (Romans 16:13)

In our last visit we were working on a biographical study of the man Rufus, mentioned in Romans 16:13.  When we correlated the information we collected we came up with a three point outline under the title: How God Chose Rufus.    Whether the two New Testament references to Rufus are about the same man, the first point can be illustrated. 

Something in Simon’s life made him the choice to carry the cross in Mark 15:21.  And there was something about the quality of Rufus’s mother that caused Paul to commend her.  A positive parental example will leave an indelible impression on the life of a child.  Often it’s an essential element in a child’s sense of being chosen by God. 

Rufus’s mother had a heart that caused Paul to feel welcome in her home.  This exposed her son to a man of God.  That exposure to a committed servant of God often causes a child to sense the privilege of being chosen by God.  This opens the door for them to consider the idea of being chosen by God. 

Both of these powerful influences made it easier for Rufus to wholeheartedly respond to his being chosen.  The key is providing as many positive influences in a child’s life that when they sense God is choosing them for Himself and/or His service they’ll be more prone to respond positively. 

Parents, the obvious application in this study is to be a parent like Rufus had if you want your child or children to be open to the call of God to salvation and/or service.  For a child, it is good to respect and honor your parent.


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