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Thursday, November 28, 2019

In our last two visits we’ve been doing a biographical study of Ezra the priest and scribe.  We collected information about him as found in Ezra 7-10 and Nehemiah 8-12.  After reflecting on this information try correlating it into an outline.  Here’s the outline I came up with. 

For a title: Desirable Qualities for a Spiritual Leader.  Under this I identified three points.  He was, 1. Well prepared. 2. Anointed by God. 3. Proven reliable. 

These points can be amplified.  Under being well prepared:  I put, He was fortunate to have a rich heritage.  Not everyone is so privileged, but when you have a strong family background it helps in preparing you for leadership.  Diligent study also helps you prepare for leadership.  Ezra had devoted himself to the study and observance of the Law of the Lord and was well versed in it.  He took God’s Word seriously for himself and others. 

Recognized by the pagan king and by his own people as being well prepared to understand and teach God’s Word, and the wisdom that gave him, enabled him to carry out responsibilities even in civil affairs.  It contributed to his devotion and worship of his God. 

It was repeatedly stated that the gracious hand of God was on him.  He recognized this in his own heart.  When he instructed the people of God they recognized that God’s hand was on him, and were therefore willing to follow his leadership.  More on this in our next visit.


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