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Friday, March 08, 2019

As Christians we should be experiencing God working in our lives in a way that causes others to notice.  Over time some might ask us what is going on.  I base this on what is found in 1 Peter 3:15-16.  Let’s do a focus and amplify study of these verses.

I determined the focus of these verses is being prepared to give a persuasive answer about our hope in a hopeless world.  This is amplified with three main points: a proper relationship with Christ, a personal rational for our hope, and a persuasive response to enquiring minds.  We can amplify these points further as well.  

For example, Peter is clear what he means by a proper relationship with Christ.  First, it is a heart relationship.  The heart refers to the center of our being.  It is not a relationship merely based on intellectual conclusions.  There are reasons aplenty for having a right, personal relationship with Christ.  Knowing our need of a savior is foundational.  Understanding who Christ is, is also important.  He is Lord, the all sufficient one, the Jehovah of the Old Testament. 

It is not sufficient to merely give an intellectual assent to this.  We need to set Christ apart in our hearts as Lord.  We need to give Him first place in our minds as well as in our hearts.  This is best expressed in our obedience to His desires and demands.  Even unbelievers who slander us should have reason to be ashamed because of our good behavior. 

Ask yourself: Does my relationship with Christ attract others to ask about it?  It should. 


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