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Wednesday, March 06, 2019

In recent visits we’ve developed an outline for the book of Jude, next to the last book of the Bible.  We amplified the purpose Jude had in mind for writing this book and amplified the problems the recipients of the book were facing.  Now let’s consider what Jude presents as God’s provision. 

I’ve shared some thoughts on verse one.  If you’re a Christian you were called before you responded.  God called you because He loves you.  Once you respond to His call He continues to love you until the day He presents you faultless before His glorious presence.  This means you are kept by Jesus Christ until that day.  He keeps you from falling.  This doesn’t mean you’ll never stumble on your journey.  What it means is you’ll not fall out of God’s grace. 

Jude blesses you with the promise of mercy, peace and love in abundance.  We need to be aware of the enemy who is out to destroy us.  Then we need to build ourselves up in our most holy faith.  This involves feeding on the Word of God and engaging in prayer, Spirit directed prayer. 

To stay safe, we need to keep ourselves in God’s love.  That is, in the sphere of God’s love.  God’s love is revealed through His Word.  Our responsibility is to keep ourselves within what the Bible says is God’s will, as well as do what will please Him.  And we are to keep on doing this while we wait for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ when we will be presented faultless before God.  What a day that will be!


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