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Friday, March 01, 2019

In our last visit I suggested that cross-references often enrich our understanding of any portion of the Bible we might study.  Many cross-references readily come to mind.  I suggested comparing 2nd Peter 2 with Jude.  Then I encouraged looking up references in the Bible that declare. “God is able.” 

As you read about the apostates Jude refers to you might want to get the historical setting in the Old Testament.  For example, verse 5 refers to Israel’s wandering in the desert recorded in Exodus through Deuteronomy.  Verse 6 likely refers to what is described in Genesis 6:1-7.  You might also read Ezekiel 38.  Genesis 19 describes what Jude says about Sodom and Gomorrah in verse 7.  When he refers to Cain in verse 11, you’ll better understand what he means if you read the opening part of Genesis 4.  The same is true regarding Balaam by reading Numbers 22, and Korah by reading Numbers 16. 

After you’ve done such research you might have questions in your own mind about some of what Jude says, or that others might have as they try understanding Jude.  A question I had related to the battle over Moses’ body, mentioned in verse 9, which is not referred to elsewhere in the Bible, not even in Deuteronomy, where it tells of Moses’ death.  Another question might be about Jude using a reference from an apocryphal book.  Such questions often lead to further profitable study, and new insights.

So keep digging in God’s Word until you get God’s message.


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