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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

In our last visit we began a focus and amplify study of Isaiah 50:4-5.  The focus we established was, “Basic Preparation for Christ-like Living.”  As we amplified this focus we reflected on the ideas of being refreshed and alert for learning, the importance of regularity in learning and the need to be receptive. 

A natural corollary to being receptive is being responsive.  When Jesus was wakened, had His ears opened and received what the Sovereign Lord was teaching Him, He didn’t rebel against what was taught nor did He draw back and withdraw from the challenge.  He responded with obedience. 

One who prepares himself in this way will be rewarded by being given an instructed tongue, to know the word that sustains the weary.  So often in our sin sick world it’s hard to know what to say to hurting and confused people who come to us for help.  Here is the secret.  Get alone with God when you are refreshed and at your best.  Do so regularly with a receptive heart that is ready to respond in obedience and faith to whatever God says.  If you do this, I believe you’ll be rewarded with an instructed tongue that will be able to share an appropriate word that will sustain the weary. 

You also will be able to face the challenge of suffering or opposition from the enemy.  Jesus Christ did as this chapter goes on to point out.  He was brutally beaten and ultimately crucified as described vividly in Isaiah 53.


Reflect long on Christ’s example as you seek to take these steps of basic preparation for Christ-like living.


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