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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The primary objective with any study of the Bible is to get the message and then apply it to your life so that the truth found in the Bible is internalized and expressed through your life. The process involves gathering and organizing information and then drawing conclusions and establishing applications based on the material. 

Let me suggest a method that many have found helpful. Read a chapter over a few times, possibly in different translations. Then go through the chapter verse by verse to identify or establish the following: a chapter title, a key verse, and a significant truth. Then consider any cross-references that you think of or that are listed in your Bible’s margin or in a concordance. Ask yourself if there are any difficulties you will want to do further study on or that you think others might have.   Then, after reflecting on the material develop an outline of the chapter or portion of Scripture you are studying. Finally, write a brief summary statement and develop some applications you can make to your own life based on what you have discovered in the study.
There are some similarities to other study methods in this approach. But in studying through a book, chapter by chapter, especially the longer books of the Bible, this method has unique benefits. 
For example, read Acts 20 a few times. Then identify answers to the items already mentioned. In our next visit I will begin to share what I came up with and you will be able to compare your answers with mine. If you want further help, I have a free booklet available on this web site. Send for it and I’m sure you will benefit from it in your Bible study.

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