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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

In our last visit we began a topical study focusing on joy and rejoicing as found in the book of Philippians. After I collected information on this topic I correlated it into an outline. 

1. Joy through fellowship, a. 1:4 and 4:10 joy in prayer for faithful partners, b. 2:2 joy because of Christian harmony, c. 2:29 joy in welcoming a faithful servant. 

2. Joy through service, a. 1:18 joy because Christ is preached by others even when their motives are questionable, b. 1:19 joy because of deliverance through the prayers of others, c. 1:25-26 and 2:17 joy, even through suffering, because of progress in Christian growth, d. 4:1 joy because of fruitfulness. 
3. Joy through worship, a. 2:18 share what God is doing so others can rejoice in and praise God, b. 3:1 focus on the Lord as the basis of your joy, c. 4:4 focus on the Lord as a habit—“again I say, Rejoice!” 
Now, based on this outline I crystallized the material into the following conclusions or applications:
1. Christian joy is found through participating with God in the developing of other lives and in creating and cultivating mutually supportive relationships.
2. I can bring joy to others by sharing what God is doing in my life.
3. I can contribute to creating an atmosphere of joy by living in harmony with fellow Christians.
4. I should rejoice if Christ is preached even if I question the motives of some doing the preaching. And
5. Work at meditating on the person of Christ. Even if you don’t seem to have any other reason to rejoice, rejoice because you know Him.

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