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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Elijah was a man of God with a dynamic ministry.  He raised a woman’s son from death among other miracles.  The most dramatic event surrounded his challenging the priests of Baal on Mt. Carmel.

In 1 Kings 18-19 I found 3 snapshots of Elijah in prayer.  First, a power prayer, then persevering prayer and finally, personal prayer. 

He dramatically set the stage, letting the priests of Baal wear themselves out and mutilate themselves, as they cried out in vain for Baal to answer.  Then he provoked them further: “Try harder.”  Finally we see his power prayer, asking God to affirm truth by sending fire to consume his offering. 

Then he set out to persevere in prayer for rain.     At first there was no indication of an answer.  By the seventh time he prayed, the answer came as a cloud on the horizon, soon to be followed by a downpour. 

His personal prayer didn’t sound that dynamic or victorious.  In fact, he felt alone, depressed and wanted to die.  He complained that he was the only one who remained true to God.  He had lost perspective and was operating on his feelings and emotions.  Yet God responded to him with grace and patience.  Sometimes when I feel like Elijah did, I don’t pray at all.  But James encourages us in James 5:17-18, that Elijah was a man with feelings like ours, yet he prayed and God did great things in answering those prayers.  Even when his personal prayers seemed judgmental, self-praising and petty, God heard and answered.  

Why not follow his example, trust God to vindicate His plan for you.


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