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Tuesday, March 10, 2009


In the devotional study I introduced in our last visit we tried answering questions like, What does this portion of the Bible teach about God the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit? We focused on answering the question about God the Father. Now let’s find out what Titus teaches about God the Son, Jesus Christ. 
He is identified as God our Savior. Grace and truth come from Him and the Father. He is referred to as our great God and Savior. It says He will return and describes it as a glorious appearing. He gave himself to redeem us, purify us, and have a personal relationship with us. 
When you reflect on these truths about Jesus Christ, you could organize the information as follows: Jesus Christ is God, He is our Savior, He will return. Once you have grasped what is said about Jesus Christ think about how this truth should impact you. 
First and foremost, since Jesus Christ has done for me what is necessary for me to be saved, I should trust in Him as my Savior. If you have never done that, let me encourage you to do so right now. Since He is God He is capable of saving you. Whatever your need might be, He can handle it. Trust Him. 
Once you have trusted in Him, you have a blessed hope. That’s what Paul calls His glorious appearing. He’s coming back! The last chapter has not been written yet. Your circumstances might be rather difficult right now. You might not know how you’re going to get through them. But if you have trusted in Jesus Christ be of good cheer. He is coming back. It will be worth it all then.

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