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Thursday, December 22, 2016

We’ve been doing a topical study on “love” as found in John 13-17 using the 3 “C” approach: collect, correlate and crystallize.  We’ve collected what the 30 references to “love” in these chapters said and correlated this information into an outline.  Title: “Love is like a Diamond.”   Five points: God the Father’s love.  Jesus Christ’s love.  Our love as believers.  The world’s love.  The quality of love.  Now let’s crystallize what we’ve learned into some applications to our lives. 

If love is to be the distinguishing characteristic of Christianity we need to find ways to express that love in obvious, tangible ways.  We will find generally, that this will be contrary to what would come naturally for us.  Such characteristics as servant-hood, obedience and sacrifice are not natural.  But when our hearts are filled with “agape” love we will want to express that love in our daily walk, work and relationships. 

We need to rely upon the Holy Spirit to provide such love and cooperate with Him in expressing it in service, obedience and sacrifice.  The result will be a building and bonding of relationships that gives comfort and courage.  We will want to be in unity with one another and rejoice in the welfare and honor of others.  We’ll want to help them succeed.  

While all of this is happening the world will be watching.  They’ll be listening as well.  And as they do, some of them will be attracted and drawn to the Savior.                                                


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