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Monday, August 11, 2014

As we continue our devotional study of Mark 13 let’s answer the question, What does this chapter teach about man? The chapter begins with the disciples discussing issues that led Jesus to talk about the end times. Man obviously has the capacity to think, to ask questions, to learn. He is an intelligent being. But Jesus points out that man knows only in part. In fact, he must take care not to be deceived by false or miss-information. Man is also a volitional being. He has the capacity to look at alternatives and make choices. In this chapter man is encouraged to make the right choices while facing circumstances characteristic of the end times. Man is also a moral being. There is a moral compass within him. It needs to be nurtured as well as guarded so right choices can and will be made. Most important, it is clear, man is a spiritual being. Though much of what is presented by Jesus Christ in this chapter has to do with political dynamics, there is a permeating undercurrent regarding the spiritual battle that has gone on through the centuries and that comes to a head in the end times. It is important for us to recognize that God created us to relate to Him in a meaningful, intimate way. We also need to be aware, Satan is doing all he can to thwart God’s purposes. We’re caught in the middle. By God’s grace we can establish and maintain a relationship with God and be ready to meet Jesus when He comes. What a wonderful hope we have as intelligent, moral and spiritual beings if we make the right choices and are prepared for that day.


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