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Thursday, February 27, 2014

In our last visit I suggested we start reading and studying the gospel of Matthew. I hope you already have started.   

As you read notice this: It isn’t like it used to be for Kings. Today, few kings really reign with authority. Most are just government figure-heads rather than functioning rulers with authority. 
Jesus Christ, the King, has the authority to reign in His kingdom. He demands submission and obedience from His subjects. As you read Matthew you’ll discover the laws of His kingdom. The glorious miracles He performed confirm His claim to sovereignty. As King He stands as the final judge of the good and the bad. He is answerable to no one. He stands above all and has authority over all, both material and spiritual. 
As King, He invites us to become His loyal subjects. The only requirements for citizenship are that we come to Him as we are and submit to His rule. He will provide for our every need and enlist us in the great task of representing Him to the whole world. 
The late Dr. A.W. Tozer likened Christ’s present position in the Church “to that of a king in a limited, constitutional monarchy.” He deserves better than that. Let’s initiate a change by acclaiming Him our undisputed King above us. 
Keep this perspective in mind as you prayerfully read Matthew’s gospel. Then ask God to make what you discover about Jesus Christ and the relationship He desires to have with us a living reality in your heart and life.  

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