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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

We’ve been reading and studying the book of Deuteronomy in which we discovered the faithfulness of God in providing what we need day by day. As a change of pace let’s read and study the first book of the New Testament, Matthew. In Deuteronomy we saw glimpses of God. In the gospel of Matthew we will see God in flesh and blood.  

Yes, if you want to see God, then behold God the Son as He walks and works His way through the pages of this gospel. You will see God invading the ranks of humanity to lead men out of the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of light. 
You will discover in your reading that the Christian life is Christ doing it all as He lives in us once we trust in Him for Salvation. He envelops and indwells all who are His. The Christian enjoys the riches, blessings, and comfort Christ alone can give. We cannot live right without Him. 
So, learn from Him as you observe how He relates to people in a whole array of situations and circumstances, touching them with His love and power. Listen to Him speak. Reflect on how He answers genuine seekers as well as those who attack Him. Learn to trust in Him for all you need. Then enjoy His presence, power and love, and live! 
Earlier this year I encouraged you to set a goal of reading through the Bible. As I pointed out, if you want to read through the Bible in two years you will need to read on average 2 chapters a day.  You can change the order in which you read – eg. when you’ve read the Pentateuch read Matthew, then go back to Joshua.  Feed on God’s Word and be enriched for life.

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