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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

In Deuteronomy 9 Moses reaffirms God’s promise to go before the Israelites into the Promised Land to dispossess, through them, nations greater and stronger than they are. But he warns them to not conclude; ‘The Lord has brought me here to take possession of this land because of my righteousness.’”  

He reminds them of their repeated rebellion against the Lord during the wilderness wanderings, especially when they built the golden calf and worshiped before it in a wild, pagan orgy. 
To better understand what Moses is teaching here consider answering some questions: What does this chapter teach about God? He is gracious, patient and faithful, but at the same time uncompromising. 
Next, What does it teach about man? The Israelites displayed man’s fickleness, his bent toward sinning, and his penchant to boast about being worthy of God’s blessing, when in reality he deserves God’s judgment. You also see in Moses, that man can be an instrument of reconciliation when humbly devoted to God, His plan and His people.  
The next question: Is there a promise to claim in this chapter? God is faithful in going before us and making a way for us to experience His blessing, but we must humbly trust and obey.
Then, Is there a warning to heed? Yes, never take credit for what God has graciously given, often in spite of our unfaithfulness. 
Finally, Is there a command to obey?  We should always praise God for what He has done for us and through us.
I have found that using these questions will help you learn as you study other chapters.

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