August 16th, 2023
Update from Lud, August, ‘23
I got to see my 12th great grandchild, Ezekiel, the other day! What an amazing gift from God.
Let me share another amazing gift from God in this month’s Serendipitous Encounter:
We drove to Chicago and flew to Colorado a few years ago. I wondered whether driving to Chicago and flying from there was the best plan for this trip. But on our drive home from Chicago, at a truck stop, a truck driver was having lunch in Arby’s, a few tables from where we were having a snack. He asked a question about the impeachment hearings showing on the TV. After a few comments back and forth, he asked, “What can we do?” Mur suggested prayer. He said he was praying, a..n..d…the conversation continued. Before long I went over and sat by him to go deeper in the conversation. To make a longer story short, I shared the Gospel, and he prayed with me, asking Jesus to be his personal Savior and ever present companion!! Was it a good decision to drive to Chicago? I think God answered that question by touching a lonely truck driver’s heart and Jesus became his Savior and friend who will stick closer to him than a brother! (Proverbs 18:24). Because of this serendipitous encounter he won’t be driving that truck alone anymore!
Another opportunity opened up for me when I received a phone call from Randy Heckman, a guy who was a student of mine at Wheaton Academy High School about 60 years ago. He is leading a prayer movement for revival in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He also has a podcast ministry, and asked if I would be willing to be interviewed for the podcast. To get a link to view the podcast email lud.