Update from Lud, March ’23

March 14th, 2023
This update is going to be with bullet points:
1. I’m in my two room apartment and adjusting to my new normal. The people here have gone the extra mile to welcome me. But I very much miss my dear wife Mur. And also, being able to see and get together with you’all.
2. My new address is: 7600 Hwy 158, Apt 102, Stokesdale, NC 27357. Please send personal mail to this address unless you want to send support for the ministry. For that use, Getting God’s Message, PO Box 167, Novelty, OH 44072. I apologize if some mail has been returned to you, or if you haven’t received a receipt for a donation sent. Please resend it using the above information. If you have any questions let us know. Thanks for understanding.
3. My recovery progress is going slower than I had hoped, but finding and getting under the care of a new health team has been a challenge. One blessing is that my new primary health Dr.’s office is only 5 minutes from my home.
4. My daughter Tammi’s home is only 15 minutes away. I’ll be going to Tammi and Bill’s church, also very close by.
5. The radio ministry continues to be blessed by God in answer to your prayers and support. I couldn’t resist sharing this note from a listener: It illustrates bullet point 2 above: “Hi Lud, early this year I sent a donation to an address I found online, to support GETTING GOD’S MESSAGE. Before I send another financial donation, I just want to know you are getting them.” Our Secretary sent her, “Thank you for your generosity! We are so encouraged by friends partnering with us. We did receive your check, so thank you. I also just emailed a copy of the receipt to your email address.” And she received this in return: “Ok Cathie, the email receipt is great. Very shortly another donation will follow. Because it’s the most effective ministry to be found under two minutes. 😊 Ok bye now.”