June 21st, 2018

We just finished another trip. This time it included a brief time to just relax and enjoy the area around Boyne Falls, MI. Then we crossed the Mackinaw Bridge to Upper Michigan. After visiting with some of Mur’s relatives we drove to Wheaton where we again enjoyed the piano recitals of Matthew and Benjamin, watched Benjamin play in a soccer match and celebrated Matthew’s graduation party from HS. This fall he will be going to Wheaton College. From there we drove to Shelbyville, IN to visit with Mike and Sarah Farnsley and their three children (our great grand-children) in their new location, Mike’s family homestead. Along the way we were in touch with a few other folk. What a blessing to share life with so many.

Since returning home we’ve had our hands full getting caught up. Quite a few of our friends have experienced physical problems. God has graciously kept us feeling well, and our whole family is enjoying good health, God’s blessing and provision in the midst of some transitions.

We have a few more summer “get together” plans. Hopefully you too will enjoy wonderful times throughout the summer months with family and friends. Welcome, if you are coming our way. Make the most of these times, and ask God to use you for His glory.

Lud will be preaching at Christ Community Church, 36407 Ridge Road, Willoughby, OH, this Sunday, June 24, at their 10:00 AM Worship Service. Please pray for God’s anointing and blessing.

It’s always a joy to share answers to your prayers in our behalf:

I got a call the other day from a listener to my radio program. He expressed appreciation for the daily programs and how much they have helped him in his Bible reading and study. He wanted to get a copy of my book on Bible Study Methods, which I gladly sent him. He represents my target audience, those interested in learning how to discover and apply the rich treasures found in God’s Word. Pray for Arthur, and ask that many other listeners to the program will be inspired to follow his example.

Here is an excerpt from a letter written by a 60 year old prisoner in Chesapeake, VA:
I entered prison in April, 2015. I got a Bible and read it from cover to cover in three months, the very best thing that has happened to me, “my spiritual boot-camp.” Prison is “God’s potter’s house. I’m being chastened, corrected, disciplined and groomed for good works.” I can only get a good radio reception outside, weather permitting, when we go for morning outdoors recreation. I only have time for two programs, Getting God’s Message, being one of them. I long for and thirst for growing in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Your ministry is very inspiring, encouraging, informative, illuminating and illustrative. Those two minutes, on the mornings I’m blessed to listen to your program are like a Christmas morning unwrapping gifts!!! Keep up the great service of the Lord and thanks for your faithfulness. I’m due to be released in 2024, so I have plenty of time (God willing) to prepare to trust, to obey and to serve. Prayerfully yours, “a humble servant and slave for Christ Jesus.” Everett.

And from a dear friend:
I sat here praying this morning for you and Mur and suddenly found myself praising and thanking God for how you have mentored me in so many ways…. taking the time to help me, pray through tough passages of God’s Word, encouraging me in my walk with Jesus, and giving me opportunities to minister over the years.
I also thought of you when I recently had the privilege of explaining the Gospel to a 97-year-old man and his 70-year-old daughters at a local restaurant… and led him (and his two daughters) in a prayer to receive Jesus Christ as their Lord as we all enjoyed breakfast together. Why did God keep this man alive so long? I have to believe that, in His abundant grace, he knew June 4th, 2018 would be the day he gave ME the chance to explain God’s awesome plan for humanity to these three individuals… and their chance to respond. Wow… talk about a highlight for 2018. I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for you in my life.