Update from Lud and Mur, January 2022

January 5th, 2022

As each New Year begins I find myself wishing people a Happy New Year. As I thought about sending out this update I wondered if that is a rather light-hearted wish. So much is happening around us that doesn’t generate happiness. Rather, it brings sadness, fear and even a sense of despair. Our country and world are reeling in confusion and uncertainly. You have to look for encouraging news and hopeful developments. So as we enter this New Year, stop and think, what am I anticipating or preparing for? If nothing pops into your mind, ask yourself, is there anything you would like to see happen? Or be willing to participate in making it happen?
In the Bible, Nehemiah chapter 1 through 2:8 describes the prophet’s experience as an exile in the citadel of Susa. When you have time to read that section in the Bible, notice that when the king asked him, “What is it you want?” he was prepared with a ready answer. Many years ago I heard a conference speaker ask, “If you were not afraid of failure and you didn’t consider your present circumstances, what would you like to attempt for God?” Let me encourage you to make time to reflect on this question and prayerfully determine your answer. Then, like Nehemiah, pray, prepare, pursue, and anticipate it becoming a part of your 2022 experience.
By the way, Mur is feeling quite well. We spent time in GA and NC with our daughters and their families over Christmas. Both of us handled the travel and celebration, and enjoyed our time with them. Thank you for your friendship and faithful prayers. We thank God for you and pray you will have a fruitful and fulfilling year.

I’ve shared this link before, but in the light of all that is going on in our world I felt led to share it again. A message on Habakkuk: https://youtu.be/2hEmgUCngNQ