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Monday, December 12, 2011

He sent two of his helpers. (Acts 19:22) 

Let’s look at another person mentioned in Romans 16:23, “Erastus, who is the city’s director of public works.” We find two other references to an Erastus in the New Testament, Acts 19:22 and 2 Timothy 4:20. 
In Acts 19 Erastus is mentioned along with Timothy as helpers of Paul, who were sent to Macedonia. And in 2 Timothy it says that he stayed in Corinth. Whether he was the director of public works in Ephesus or Corinth is not clear, nor is it clear that all three references refer to the same man. What is clear is that a civil servant was involved in the work of God. 
How he was involved is not clear, but in Acts 19 he is referred to as a helper. Everyone who serves God as a leader knows how important helpers are. They would never get their work done if it were not for those who help them. Those helpers are not always recognized or affirmed publicly. Paul is careful not to make that mistake. 
Being a governmental leader Erastus might very well have been able to open some doors for Paul to do things that otherwise might not have been possible. If nothing else, identifying with Paul and his mission would give it a certain official authenticity. There is always risk involved in this. If, as happened in Ephesus, the population turns against the one you’re supporting, it could mean the loss of your job or status in the community. Taking such a stand and risk was appreciated and affirmed by Paul. 
An application based on this study is that God can use you, no matter what your station or position in life might be. Just be willing to take your stand and risk all for Christ.

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