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Monday, July 18, 2011

“Your statutes are my delight; they are my counselors” (Psalm 119:24). 

During the past week we have been doing a study of Romans 11. Thus far we’ve given the chapter a title, chosen a key verse, developed a statement that captures a significant truth, listed some cross references that would help our understanding of things presented, and articulated questions or problems that emerged in the study. 
We’re now at the place where it would be good to develop an outline that covers the material presented in Romans 11. The title we chose was, The Mystery of God’s Master Plan. We then identified verse 32 as the key verse. Now let’s put together some main points that cover the material presented in Romans 11. I came up with three main points. 
1. God’s dealings with Israel. 
2. God’s dealings with the Gentiles. 
3. God’s dealings are beyond our comprehension. 
Then I amplified these main points with some sub points. Under God’s dealings with Israel I pointed out that He chose them as a nation to be His chosen people. I also pointed out that though they rebelled against God as a nation there was a remnant by election. This is an individual focus. That was true during the days of Elijah. It was also true during the days of Paul. By implication it is still true today, since the full number of the Gentiles has not come in yet. Then we noted that God promises a total restoration of Israel. This is a national focus. 
Let me encourage you to try and develop sub points for the other two main points. Getting the information into an outline helps you understand it and remember it better.  
Organizing information you gather in your study of the Bible is important to help you develop applications to your own life and to share what you have discovered with others.

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