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Thursday, October 14, 2010

In our last visit we looked at 1st Timothy 5:1-2 and discovered the importance of treating one another with a view of maintaining healthy relationships. We need each other, so we must treat each other with care, especially when there is a need for rebuking or exhorting. 

When a young man in ministry has to address a young woman needing correction it is important for him to treat her as he would a sister. Paul adds one further cautionary point, “with absolute purity.” There is such a high flash point danger that a commitment to absolute purity is necessary. 
Though Paul is teaching Timothy, a young man, his point should be heeded by all men. In fact, it would be wise for men, when needing to correct or rebuke a woman, to have another woman with him, preferably his wife, if married. 
Better yet, delegate the responsibility to a mature woman, who is better equipped to think and feel and communicate as woman to woman. They have a better possibility to making a longer term impact through building a closer relationship. 
This is the second time in this book that Paul emphasizes the importance of maintaining purity of heart, thought, motive and action. Throughout Biblical history this injunction was ignored by many and the tragic consequences are evident in subsequent generations. This danger has persisted throughout history and is prevalent in our post modern world. We need to encourage Christian men to be aware of the danger, vividly described in the book of Proverbs, and take great care to maintain “absolute purity” in their relationships with women.

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