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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

In our study of 1st Timothy I would like for us to consider some points Paul makes in helping Timothy pastor the church in Ephesus. We have seen that prayer should be an important part of both the individual Christian’s life and the life of the church gathered.  

Following that point in chapter 2 Paul begins to emphasize the importance of character and conduct. Whether it is the way women adorn themselves or participate in the public life of the church or what to look for in choosing leadership in the church character and conduct are important. 
The world is watching and what they see will impact the way they view Christianity. If we are immodest in the way we dress it will be hard for them to distinguish between Christians and the world at large. If our language is coarse and our behavior inconsistent or inconsiderate of others it will present a barrier for sharing the good news with non-believers. 
A healthy relationship between a husband and wife speaks volumes to the watching world. Unruly and undisciplined children are a discordant note when trying to present God’s plan for a family in a broken world. Why should they listen to what we have to say when we can’t manage our own family. 
Those in leadership should know what the church believes and be able to teach those who are searching for the truth. 
When the watching world sees Christians and the church living what they preach they likely will listen with greater interest. When love is practiced the lost will recognize and respond to the authenticity and authority of the message.

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