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Thursday, April 06, 2023

As we continue our devotional study of Isaiah 53 I would like to focus on what it has to say about Jesus Christ, God’s Son.  To do so it will help to include verses 13-15 of chapter 52.  When I reflected on this section of Isaiah I listed what was said about Jesus Christ under the following points:  

1. What was true about Him.   

2. What was done to Him.   

3. What He did.   

4. What He will do.   

5. What will be His reward?   

Let’s consider each of these points separately.  First, what was true about Him?  In 52:13 it says He will act wisely.  In 53:11 it says that by His knowledge He will justify many.  In other words, Jesus was the kind of person who carried out His calling with His eyes open, His mind perceiving and focusing on God’s will, and then committing Himself to accomplishing God’s will.   

In 53:2 it says that in His humanity He was a tender shoot with roots in dry ground.  This would suggest the environment in which He was planted was not very conducive to the kind of tender, gracious life and ministry He was going to be engaged in.  In verse 3 it describes Him as one who was viewed as undesirable, unattractive and un-esteemed.   It is clear that most didn’t see His true character.  He was not violent nor was there any deceit in His mouth according to verse 9.

Throughout these verses we see that He was selfgiving, non-defensive and always ready to sacrifice for the welfare and wellbeing of others.  No wonder the Father’s will prospered in His hands.  Paul wrote in Acts 20:35, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” 

Jesus practiced what He preached. 


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