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Monday, October 12, 2009

In our last visit we began developing an outline for the book of Jude which we have been studying together. Under the title, Prepped and Kept for the Presentation, we identified Jude’s purpose for writing the book, the problems faced by the recipients of the book, and God’s provision for living no matter what situation you found yourself in. 

Then we started the process of amplifying each of these points. Let’s continue by doing that with point 2 – the problems the recipients of the letter faced. 
Jude points out that there has been a history of opposition to God’s plan down through the centuries. What they were facing was no different than what others have faced before. He warns them about the opposition. This warning is similar to what you find throughout the Old Testament. You find it in extra or non-canonical writings. And you will especially find it in apostolic declarations.
The danger is very real.  Satan has always been out to destroy the work of God and the people of God. At times he will confront in an obvious, direct way. At other times he will be far more subtle, working through his agents to infiltrate, deceive, corrupt, divide and destroy from within. 
Notice the repetitive use of words like godless or ungodly, arrogance and boast, grumblers, faultfinders and scoffers. We need to be careful about their message that can come across as flattery, as well as their methods that are characterized by deception and manipulation. 
Only God’s provision of love, truth and the Holy Spirit is able to overcome these problems. 

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