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Thursday, June 09, 2022

While on a trip to the Holy Land, in Caesarea, I was reminded of the incident recorded in Acts 10.  Consider two truths found in this chapter. 

First, is an answer to the question many ask – Since the only way to heaven is through trusting in Jesus Christ what happens to those who have never heard of Him? 

Acts 10 describes how a pagan came to faith in Jesus Christ.  As a Roman he worshiped a man, Caesar.  When assigned to Caesarea he was exposed to the Jewish religion.  Intrigued by their worshiping a God you couldn’t see he began following their prayer ritual and the giving of alms.  He is identified as devout and God-fearing. 

One day an angel appeared to him and told him God had noticed his religious pursuit and shared with him how he could get more spiritual light.  Immediately he followed this instruction and Peter, whom God also had prepared for this assignment, responded to his invitation. 

When he arrived Cornelius fell at his feet.  Peter clarified that he was a mere man.  Then he shared that he had a message about the God-Man, Jesus Christ, who could forgive sin.  As soon as Peter made the point about forgiveness the Holy Spirit came on all who had gathered in the house and they were all saved. 

The truth principle is this: When someone follows the light they have, God being just, will give them more light.  If they follow that light, God will give them more light, and so forth, until finally God offers them the gift of eternal life through Jesus Christ. 

God always responds in grace to the genuine, seeking heart.


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