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Friday, April 30, 2021

Recently I was on a brief rest trip with my dear wife.  On the 4 hour flight to our destination I did some reading in the Psalms and wrote out some notes.  After passing by my seat a few times the stewardess stopped and mentioned that she was in a women’s Bible class.  She said she was just talking to the other stewardess about Bible study and mentioned she was taking a leave of absence to go on a one year mission trip.  Briefly we encouraged each other. 

On the return trip a young lady sat beside me.  I prayed, telling God I was available to talk to her if He so led.  She was tired and quickly dozed off for most of the trip, then watched a movie on her ipad.  It didn’t appear we were going to have a conversation. 

As we approached the landing I asked her where she was from, and that started a brief conversation.  Her husband was in the army on his third tour of service in Afghanistan. She was returning from a business trip.  She saw me studying the Bible and writing notes during the trip so she asked if I was a pastor? 

Obviously there wasn’t much time, but I found out she was attending a Bible believing church even though she and her family were from a different religion.  I encouraged her to keep going to the church and then asked if she had ever made a commitment to Jesus Christ or was that something she was still searching for?  She said she was still searching, so I gave her my business card and suggested a book I felt would help her in her search. 

Both conversations were triggered by reading the Bible in a public setting.  Try it sometime.


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