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Friday, April 16, 2021

As I reflected further on Psalm 1 I decided we should do an inductive study of this Psalm..  First, discover what it says.  Then determine what it means.  Third, ask what difference should this make in your life?  In other words, develop some applications. 

After a couple of readings it is clear the psalmist is contrasting the life of one who finds guidance from the Word of God over against one who seeks counsel from a godless source.  If your input is carelessly received or absorbed the outcome is devastating.  If you intentionally seek input from God’s Word your life will be full, meaningful and prosperous.  You’ll belong to the congregation of the righteous and God will watch over you for time and eternity.  You will be blessed. 

What all of this means is that God promises a truly blessed life if you choose to seek insight and inspiration from God through His Word.  This requires intentionality and discipline.  The greater the exposure and meditation the more blessed.  Your life will become stable, fruitful, attractive and effectual.  You will know purpose, prosperity and a sense of belonging. 

The world is full of ideas.  Check out the character of the ones who are peddling those ideas.  Guard against the counsel of the wicked.  Be careful who you journey with.  Choose your environment wisely.  Remember, “Bad company corrupts good character” (1 Corinthians 15:33).  The lives of the ungodly are as unsettled as the windblown chaff.  They won’t be able to stand in the judgment and their destiny is hopeless. 

Blessed is the man who chooses wisely where he turns for counsel.


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