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Monday, May 25, 2020

As I mentioned when we started studying Romans 8 it is one of the most profound chapters in the Bible.  We’ve studied what it says about God the Father and God the Son.  Now let’s look at what it says about God the Holy Spirit.  

I’ll start by affirming that the Holy Spirit is a person.  His actions are those of a person, seen in how He relates to God the Father and God the Son.  He quickened, or raised the body of Jesus Christ and will do the same with ours.  He leads us, testifies to truth, helps us in our weaknesses, intercedes for us, and knows God the Father’s will.  

He indwells every true believer, as such He is the seal of genuineness in a Christian.  If He’s not present in a life, that person doesn’t belong to Jesus Christ.  Never ever try living the Christian life without depending on Him. 

What this tells me is when I feel alone or forsaken as I go through a difficult time I must remember, the Holy Spirit is present.  When perplexed about what to do next ask the Holy Spirit to guide you.  When you feel as though you don’t belong, cry out to your heavenly Father, and say, “Abba, Father.”  Then trust the Holy Spirit to bear witness with your spirit that you indeed are God’s child. 

When you don’t know what to pray for, rely on the Holy Spirit to intercede for you.  If you don’t know God’s will, be assured He does.  Pray and wait on Him to make it known to you. 

As you face every new day never try living the Christian life without depending on the Holy Spirit.                                                                                  


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