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Thursday, May 21, 2020


When Paul builds his case for our encouragement in Romans 8 he presents a question: “Who is he that condemns?”  Often, when seeking to grow as a Christian we get discouraged by our failures or shortcomings.  That’s when our accuser, Satan, attacks and taunts us with the threat of condemnation.  He’ll try getting us to think about how unworthy and unfaithful we are.  He’ll do all he can to make us forget there is now no condemnation for us since we are in Christ Jesus.  Those accusations often keep us from pressing on.  That’s when we need to remember the right answer to the question, “Who is it that condemns?” 

Paul’s answer is, Christ Jesus, who died – more than that, who was raised to life” (Romans 8:34).  He’s the final judge.  He’s the one who knows the full truth.  He died for us and rose again.  He provided the redemption payment.  He is our peace.  When Satan’s condemnation comes into your mind never forget who the judge is that has the right to condemn. 

He is also our kinsman-redeemer who can pardon and set us free.  Remember, He was able to rightfully pay the necessary price for our freedom and acceptance into the family of God. We belong and therefore are co-heirs with Him.

As a child of God you do not need to fear condemnation.  You are accepted.  You belong.  Rest with assurance that He who condemns will not condemn you.  He took your condemnation upon Himself in order to set you free.                                    



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