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Friday, February 01, 2019

In our last visit we began to look at what Jesus said about our love in John 13-17.  In 13:1 it says that Jesus had loved His disciples and was about to show the full extent of His love to them.  At the end of chapter 17 Jesus was praying for the disciples and all who would believe after them, that they might have the Father’s love dwelling in them. 

When this “agape” love is within us our love for Jesus will be shown by our obedience to His command.  We’ll want to please Him and we’ll rejoice when He is glorified. 

One command Jesus gave His disciples repeatedly in these chapters is to love one another even as He loved them.  He washed their feet, indicating a servant heart.  He shared God’s truth, indicating a caring heart.  He prayed for them, indicating His desire to comfort and empower them to do His Father’s will.  He gave His life for them, indicating His concern for their eternal welfare.  He modeled for them how they were to love one another in tangible ways.

One verse I encouraged you to memorize in our last study was, “My command is this: love each other as I have loved you.”  Let’s ask God to show us ways to love our brothers and sisters in Christ in tangible ways.  Be willing to serve them and ready to sacrifice for them.  Always remember to pray for them.  Stand with them and support them in times of need.  This more than anything else will attract and draw unbelievers to Jesus Christ according to what Jesus said in John 13:35.


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