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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

As I mentioned in our last visit, a Seminary professor, shared that it’s important to remember three contexts when trying to understand the Bible.  Let me illustrate the first “context”: that is, the historical context.  This includes, what do we know about the author, the recipients and the historical setting within which they lived?

I still remember the summer after I graduated from Bible School.  I had sat under some of the best Bible teachers while at Moody Bible Institute.  I did well in my studies, but I entered into a deeper understanding during one month that summer as I read through the Old Testament.  Doing so in such a short time I remembered what the Psalmist was talking about.  He at times made reference to incidents that were recorded in the historical books.  I was especially enlightened while reading the prophetical books by remembering the historical settings they were addressing.  Much of what they wrote about was addressing conditions described in the historical books of the Kings and Chronicles.

I had never seen this connection so clearly before.  I found the same to be true with remembering the historical setting described in the book of Acts in the New Testament, which helped me understand what Paul and others wrote about in their letters. 

In this way one part of the Bible helped me understand another part of the Bible.  This has enriched my Bible study and teaching ever since.  It has helped me to see that the Bible is its own best interpreter.


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