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Monday, April 27, 2009

We have been doing a focus and amplify study of the book of Philemon in the New Testament. The focus we identified was: Forgiveness is a test and testimony of Christian love and faith. This focus was amplified by pointing out Paul used a confining approach, then built a convincing argument, and concluded by indicating he confidently anticipated Philemon and Onesimus would go beyond what was expected of them. 

Now that we have outlined the message of the book we need to ask ourselves, what difference should this study make on my life? This is the application step. 
As I meditated on what we found in this study it gave me spiritual insight into how I should respond to others who have ripped me off. Forgiveness is not easy, nor cheap. When dealing with broken relationships I need to consider spiritual guidelines. I should do the Christian thing no matter how humiliating or costly I might think it is. I should be willing to go beyond basic expectations. Choosing to forgive and warmly accept one who has wronged me is a true testimony of Christian love and faith. 
This study has also shown me the importance of strong friendships. Obviously Paul and Philemon had such a close relationship or Paul would not have felt free to ask Philemon what he did. I need to thank God for the close friendships I have and not take them for granted. I should work at nurturing them further. Hopefully this study has been helpful to you. 

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