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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Let’s continue our project of reading through the Bible in two years.  Today we begin reading the book of Jonah.  As you read it, notice how Jonah is portrayed as the pouting prophet. 

Dwight L. Moody once confided, “I have more trouble with D. L. Moody than with any other man I meet.”  Jonah would have to say the same about his own life.  He thought everything should go exactly the way he wanted it to go, and when it didn’t he childishly pouted. 

Pouting is a far too common ailment among God’s people.  Its cause is self-reliance and self-interest.  Its cure is found in putting God’s interests first, other’s second, and your own last.  God had a purpose for reaching out to Nineveh.  He would be glorified as His purpose was realized.  The people of Nineveh needed to hear the message of God and repent or face destruction.  Jonah wasn’t concerned about God’s glory, nor Nineveh’s salvation.  He was concerned only about himself and his own puny plans. 

If we put God’s interests first then it won’t be difficult to do what God asks of us.  We would also be able to praise God for the results no matter what they are.  Jonah might not have done that at first, but he wrote this book and in it he shared how God graciously worked a miracle, in spite of him.  His testimony should encourage us to stop pouting and start praising. 

Here’s an impact thought: When you feel like pouting, start praising!   


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