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Monday, February 12, 2018

We’ve been studying Isaiah 28:23-29, noticing first, what is said and then determining what it means.  Now let’s consider some applications to our lives.

God always has a purpose for what He allows us to experience.  We must trust Him to work through these experiences to prepare us for what lies ahead.  Then we must trust Him to work these experiences together so His ultimate purpose will be realized. 

Now, if you want to help someone be impacted by the seed of God’s Word what this passage suggests is to start by cultivating a relationship with them, that is, prepare the soil.  Once you’ve done this, start sowing the seed into their lives.  Then trust God to germinate it and produce fruit.  When the fruit is ripe it’s time to harvest.  That is, you need to call for a commitment.  If they respond, help them process that commitment so they become all God intended them to be.  When that begins to happen, rejoice in God’s marvelous work, enjoy and celebrate the results. 

Too many of us get stuck, focusing on just one part of the process.  We need to cultivate the soil, but not overwork it.  Then we need to plant the seed, but not over-seed.  When the seed sprouts and gets ripe we need to harvest the fruit.  Finally, we need to process it so it can be used to produce the desired outcome. 

Keep the total process in mind as God asks you to participate in any part.  Encourage and celebrate the participation of others in this process.  Ask God to instruct and teach you so your work for Him will be fruitful and glorify Him.


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