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Friday, January 30, 2009

Let’s continue to amplify the focus of 23rd Psalm on the kind of person God desires in leaders within the church. It’s what we all should aspire to in our own lives. 

When we look at verse 2 we might be reminded that all of us fail at times to take care of ourselves. Happy is the man who has experienced the heavy hand of God making him “lie down in green pastures,” and taking him by the hand, leading him “beside quiet waters.” 
Leaders usually are busy people. They make things happen. They see needs, roll up their sleeves and lead the charge to meet those needs. If necessary, they stay there until the task is done, even if they are left to do it alone. They are perceived and often think of themselves as being necessary if success is to be achieved. 
God is looking for individuals who know what needs to be done, but also know they are not indispensable. They are able to stop, get some rest and be refreshed in green pastures and quiet waters. Jesus encouraged the disciples in Mark 6:11: “Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.” 
For a family man this would include quality time with wife and family. This quality of maintaining balance in life is important for every follower of Jesus Christ. My wife and I have made our home available to friends of ours in ministry who periodically benefit from getting away and experience a change of pace. Churches would be wise to make it possible for their leaders to get away from time to time for just such a time of refreshment and renewal. It would be an investment with great dividends.

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