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Friday, January 23, 2009

Looking at the many times in the book of Acts when God turned nightmares into nighttime miracles or provided guidance in the night-watch, there are some lessons we can learn. 

First, let’s correlate into an outline what we have collected about nighttime experiences in Acts. I came up with 3 points. 
1. God has daylight vision even in the night. The Psalmist affirmed this in Psalm 139:12. 
2. God sometimes accentuates His insight by sharing it with us at night. 
3. God often demonstrates His power in the night. 
Based on these points let’s crystallize what we have learned into some practical applications. Just because you might be confused and find yourself discouraged or depressed in the darkness and loneliness of night, never conclude that God also is confused. He knows all about your circumstances. No darkness clouds His knowledge. Trust Him in the night. 
Wait on Him, and don’t be surprised if He speaks to you in the night. Why He often does that I don’t know. But likely it’s because there are fewer distractions at night and you will better remember the insight gained. Never doubt in the daylight what God has told you in the night! 
And, though you might not notice, God often clears out logjams in our circumstances at nighttime. When you least expect it God comes through in His own unique way. Take courage. Wait on Him. When He gives guidance, obey. Trust Him to remove the barriers in your way.
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