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Pastor Lud Golz
Pastor Lud Golz

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Tuesday, June 09, 2015

In our last 2 visits we’ve seen God turn nightmares into night miracles that spilled over into the next day’s experience. Another example of this is described in Acts 16. Paul followed his nighttime vision in Troas and traveled to Macedonia where he started ministering in Philippi. An uprising took place by those who opposed them and they were whipped and thrown into prison. At midnight, weary and in pain, it says Paul and Silas began to pray and sing (verse 25). It was Job who talked about God giving us songs in the night (Job 35:10). The Psalmist in Psalm 11:8 says, “At night the Lord’s song is with me—a prayer to the God of my life.” In response to this prayer song of Paul and Silas an earthquake broke loose their shackles and flung open the prison doors. In addition, a spiritual earthquake was beginning to shake the life of the prison-keeper. He fell at their feet and flung open the door of his life to Jesus and invited Him in. Then his whole family joined him in his faith commitment. As a witness of their commitment they were baptized! A nightmare was transformed into a night miracle in that prison and prison-keeper’s home that night. This night was a significant step in the planting of one of Paul’s favorite, most fruitful churches. Rather than allowing the painful and shattering experience to get them down that night Paul and Silas saw a night miracle unfold in response to their prayer song. That experience opened the door for the church to be planted in Philippi, and westward into Europe.


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