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Thursday, May 14, 2015

It’s been some time since I used a program to explain a Bible study method you can use in your own study of the Bible. I want you to get God’s message found in the Bible. If you listen regularly to this program you’ll pick up the steps I take in my teaching, but I want to be sure you recognize the steps and understand them so you can use them in your own study. Let’s review a method I call the “Focus and Amplify” study method. After reading a portion over a few times, possibly in different translations, try to identify the focus of the portion. Once you determine the focus reflect on the whole portion to see how the author amplified the focus. At first identify the main amplifying points. Then amplify those points further by listing supporting thoughts under each main point. When you have done this you can develop some personal applications based on the outline you develop. To illustrate let’s use this method to study Psalm 1. When I read it over a few times I thought the focus was on a life that is truly blessed by God or “The Secret of a God Blessed Life.” Once you’ve identified what you think the focus is, read over the portion some more to see how the author developed this theme or focus. It’s clear that one of the ways he did this is by contrasting the truly blessed life with a life that is as empty and worthless as chaff that is blown away by the wind. Reflect further on the passage and see if you can develop some points that amplify the focus. We’ll do that in subsequent visits.


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