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Pastor Lud Golz
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Thursday, November 13, 2014

It’s clearly stated in Ephesians 6:1 that children should honor their parents. In addition parents should honor their children. Some years ago I wrote an article entitled, “Sibling Support.” In it I pointed out that every family with more than one child has observed sibling rivalry. Often it exists as a struggle that families merely endure. In a few cases, it can produce real benefits, but in far too many families it leaves deep wounds and scars that remain for life. At best, rivalry pits strength against strength; at worst, strength against weakness. To counter its devastating effect, my wife and I tried to develop the discipline of support, sibling support. We decided to celebrate the worth of each of our children. We encouraged and affirmed each child’s strength in and of itself, not in comparison to another’s strength or weakness. We also encouraged and affirmed each one’s progress in overcoming weak areas, and celebrated their accomplishments. We focused on complimenting rather than competing. Psychologists tell us we should give our children a number of affirmations for every negative statement. This would go far in helping our children learn how to compliment, affirm and encourage one another. When our oldest played sports in High School we all went to see him play and together celebrated his accomplishments. It was more difficult to have older children join the family in attending and celebrating the participation and accomplishments of a younger sibling. But if parents demonstrate their commitment to honor each child in this way it is easier for all to follow their example.


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