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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

If you aspire to leadership in your church Peter has some important things to say to you in 1st Peter 5:1-8. He speaks as a leader to leaders. Listen to what he says. 

Be shepherds who feed and care for the flock you serve as overseers. Don’t do it under constraint, but willingly. Be eager to serve. Don’t do it for money. Be an example of what you want those under your care to become. Don’t manipulate or lord it over them. Be humble as you carry out your responsibilities. Don’t be proud. As you look out for the welfare of your flock don’t be anxious. Commit yourself and them to God. Trust God for the desired results. 
These points fall into two categories: What you should or shouldn’t do as a leader. An outline could have the title: Servant Leadership. A third point might show the results you can expect when you do what God desires and don’t do what God denounces. 
With an outline in place summarize what it teaches in some applications. For example, if you are a leader already, ask yourself if the positive characteristics are present in your ministry and the negative characteristics are absent. Where you see inconsistencies ask the Holy Spirit to make the adjustments needed. 
If you aspire to leadership you know from what Peter said the kind of things you will need to cultivate or eliminate in your life and ministry style to be a servant leader when an opportunity comes to serve. 
For those not in leadership and who do not aspire to leadership, pray for those in leadership that they will be the kind of leaders God can truly lift up and bless.

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